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African Dwarf Frog questions/advice..

Just got two ADF for my 15 gallon today, along with some endlers. Theres also a few juvie guppies in the tank, some otos, and its very planted!
I used to have ACF, and i fed them with a pipette, and have already successfully fed the two little guys with it, as im worried about thier food intake, since the guppies are aggressive eaters.
I feed my fish New Life Spectrum small fish formula, and ive ground some up, and i add water, and thats what i plan on feeding them. Is this nutritoinally balanced enough for them? if not, what food do you recommend? Whatever food i use will be ground up and fed through a pipette. I feed algea wafers for the ottos [though the guppies will guard the peices, and the otos have to be sneaky] and one of the frogs has alread tried to take a bite of one of the peices. Is this okay for them?

They are so darn small! How big do they get? One of mine is 1 cm and the other is about 1.3cm. They have both been exploring around the tank, none of the fish are bothering them, and it looks as if theyll be a good fit for the tank.

Im wondering if anyone here keeps these guys, and if they have any advice for me!

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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