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dying female mollies...

I wasn't sure where to post this but since my tank is a low tech I thought I'd try here...

I have a 36 gallon bow front, planted. Have 5 Cories, a handful of ghost shrimp, some neons, snails I never wanted but got, male and female betta who have never fought or chased one another. All about a year old.

added some Mollies last weekend. On Christmas Eve looked in and found about 40 dalmation babies. fished them out into an old little tank. the next morning, the mother died. Then one by one the mollies started dying. Water tests are constant and normal. The black female molly started acting crazy and aggressive. the next morning the bettas were ripped up and dead and she was beating the heck out of everyone else. She got bagged and taken back to the LFS. Since then I've lost 2 Neons, and all but 3 male and 2 female mollies (all orange ones survived oddly, the different colors all perished). All the non-orange females have died and one orange female. The males have not. The 2 Neons, I think, were female. They were much larger than their school mates.

Started adding some salt, some pimafix in case the bettas were not beat up but had fin rot (it happened within hours so I don't know)....upped temps. One of the female mollies had a section of scales that simply peeled off in the water after she had died and I had bagged her to take back to the after talking to the manager there and factoring in the bettas condition , we figured to try treating for fin rot....

I have frog bit, anacharis, wysteria, hornwort, java moss (new addition) and saggitaria (can't spell) and one more planted stem plant that I can not remember the name of. I also added a mopani driftwood piece I found on sale at the LFS recently and am dealing with the tannins leaching out. My substrate is Miracle Grow organic, topped with Flourite, topped with gravel.

And obviously I do not have a quarentine tank. It was luck that I had a little tank to get the babies into....and once they grow that will be the quarentine tank. Or I will set up a new one. about half the babies died but the rest are eating and growing! havent had a death past the first few days since!

My cories, and my ghost shrimp, unwanted snail population, are all healthy and happy. It seems whatever is going on seems to kill the females, or in the black mollies case, sends them into a tizzy setting them off against the others . When I say she was crazy aggressive, I mean like some sort of maniac...I've never seen anything like it and netted her as soon as it dawned on me what happened. There are alot of factors such as the addition of the java moss and mopani driftwood at the same time, the Mollies....the tanins leaching out, that could have brought in something but I can't figure it out. The female who died this morning had nothing showing on her that looked abnormal. She had been acting fine. I now have another female who has clamped fins and is starting to hide away from the rest...thinking she is next. But again, water tests show nothing different. Had the LFS test just in case my strips are bad, and they said everything is good.

I'm not bringing in anymore Mollies or other aquatic life forms till I can figure this out. any ideas? And just how much salt will those plants and other critters tolerate? I am changing out about 10-20% of my water daily/every other day to get the tanins down. and using about a teaspoon of salt per change. Going to stop the Pimafix because everything I've read doesn't seem very supportive of it or the other "fix" product. With no odd readings on my water, and no visable issues with the dead fish (except the beat up bettas that looked like fin rot but in about 12 hours time) and them all being female....I am clueless.....

and yes, I will find the room and the funds to set up a proper quarentine tank.
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