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Cool toy on

Nick is now featuring computer generated models of par given your particular tank dimensions and lighting choice that generates estimated par at half depth and substrate depth throughout the tank.

1. You have to become a member of the forum to view models.
2. It's not something you can play with. He does it for you.
3. Obviously, it only applies to his lights.
4. The estimations are currently through open air and don't account for the
refraction of water, though he's working on fixing this.
5. The readout doesn't give specific numbers, but rather ranges such as those
seen in national weather surveys.


1. You get a par layout of your entire tank at two different levels!

Mods, I'm not sure if this trespasses forum rules. If so strike this post down. But I'm certainly not a company shill, just a prospective customer.

One can hope that given our increasing knowledge (and lighting companies' future forthrightness regarding data), this could be an application available to all in the future.
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