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40b with inert blasting grit sub. Tank set up 1 year. 50+% WC every Sunday. NO3 ~40-60 ppm. Dose KH2PO4, KSO4, CSM+B per Wet's calculator. FE when I think about it. No other algae issues.

I received a "gift" of bba along with a batch of plants someone gave me from their soon-to-be-torn-down tank. I didn't bleach them, and what a mistake. I have battled it for 8+ months now, using the usual techniques. It grows everywhere. I do EI and 5 bps pressurized CO2, three 23w CFLs on 9 hours a day. Cerges reactor on a closed loop pump. Drop checker canary yellow on opposite side of tank from CO2 spray bars. FX5 through spray bars. Plenty of water movement... Parameters are fine. Chock full of stems and crypts.

I have BBA growing at each hole on the spray bar. Nice beautiful tufts that I have to scrub off with a toothbrush after I soak the bar in strong bleach solution for 2 hours....

I put 6 American Flag fish in this tank, and I can say without a doubt, the bba is disappearing. I am impressed with these beautiful fish. But...bba? Yea, tell me all about parameters and this and that. My experience is a bit different on this one.
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