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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
That breeder box/refugium set up is awesome! Do you have any specific links as to how you set it up?
What you see in the pic is pretty much it. There's Amazonia II Powder in there that I had lying around. I connected a Zoo Med 501 filter to the box. These breeder boxes were originally designed to run by an air pump. There are two disadvantages to running it with an air pump.

1) super noisy because of the bubbles and gurgling sound because the outflow is above the water...constant gurgling and water dripping sound.....

2) not enough flow into the box

The Zoo Med 501 fits perfectly where the air line normally goes and there is a ridiculous amount of water being pumped into the box now. I had to put the tube and moss mesh right under where the water goes in so the soil doesn't get blown around. The intake for the 501 is right next to the has a stainless steel prefilter cover...

Here's a pic from the last time I set it up that way. You can see the outflow connected to the box. The intake goes in the main tank.

Click image for larger version

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You can also see this thread about people modding their breeder boxes.

Breeder Box Mods

Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
Of course there will be shrimps! This is a clean start so I won't put any in for 6-8 weeks. Probably around Valentines day is when the shrimps will go in. The only bacteria in this tank is the Bacter 100 and BT-9 I layered into the soil. I'll let this tank break in nice and slow. This way I can keep the CO2 on for a couple of months and let my HC grow in nice! No rush for me.

I'll put the PBL colony in here when the time comes...they're outgrowing the 30c....then use the 30c for culls and I'll throw in some TB in there with them to make some that's the plan.


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