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i just upgraded 396w of Power compact Coralife set up to a 312w LED set up. its an Evo 3w CREE LEDs. 52 bulbs on each 72" light (actually 70x5x1/2") and 2 strips. you can get smaller ones. the output is twice my PC and less electricity and LESS HEAT, and my tank was a 125 (21') with the PCs, its now a 220 (31" tall) and plant growth is decent at the bottom of the 220. its not amazing, but they are doing better then with my PCs. I have Parrots Feather and Pennywort pond plants inside, and they are doing as well as being out in the sun in the summer. Growing just as fast and thick. the lights were $297 for 2 72" shipped to my door. you can get shorter wider ones with choice of many bulbs for about 140.00, cheaper for less lighting/bulbs/narrower. the lumens are great and lights up the tank well. i plan on doing the same lights on my 10 gallon with a 20" light. check it out, on [Ebay Link Removed] search EVO LED 3W and look for your size tank length. i just ordered a 24oz CO2 bottle to start my CO2 injection, so i'll see how much better the plants do with them. if you just want BRIGHT for the tank, check them out.
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