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So now that you've had the G3 up and running as long as you have, what's your take on it? Would you choose it again if you had a closed stand where the aesthetics are not so important as they are with the open metal frame stand in your room? Do you find it "clogs" or requires cleaning of the pre-filter more than once a week? Reviews of the filter around the interwebs vary greatly.

I'm still vacillating between a 306 and a G3. I like the seemingly easy maintenance of the G3 but would be using it with a Hydor in-line heater AND a Sera Flore 500 reactor, the two of which in tandem will limit flow substantially, perhaps too much for even a little 17.4 gallon tank. It's hard to say without a frame of reference.

Hope this doesn't detract from your thread, perhaps I should open a new topic and kill this post if you'd prefer to not have the clutter here!

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