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Rather than shine you on as has become the norm in this country I'll share some numbers with you.

We currently owe 16.7 trillion dollars
Our deficit spending is approximately 1.7 trillion per year
There are roughly 326 million men women and children in this country
Our workforce is approximately 130 million.
Of that number 47% DO NOT PAY TAXES.

Given these basic facts I strongly advise you to abandon the entitlement, no child left behind, "I can go to College and then graduate and make money doing something I love" garbage the Govt has pumped into society for decades. Acquire fundamentally productive skills and let your interests be a much smaller guide. Being as you have an affinity towards Botany I would look more into the food market as a grower of produce on a smaller scale.
Many will disagree, but fundamentally our society can not continue much longer. Orchids and ornamental plants aren't going to provide much when people can't put food on the table and the dollar is worthless.
Sorry man. I wish someone would've told me this 20 years ago
As an easier way to understand my point. Gold has been a fundamental standard for currency for nearly all of recorded history. In 2003 an oz of good was $271. It is now $1681 an oz. Did gold (which basically sets the standard for currency) skyrocket or did our fiat (read fake) currency plummet?
Just want you to make an educated decision as to your choices moving forward. You can guarantee that your peers will not. The majority of the current unemployed epidemic are recent college graduates...

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