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I agree with msjinkzd to at least focus on some business, basic accounting, etc. These are things that are essential whether you are running your own greenhouse or photo business, or whatever you are doing, being able to handle the accounting side of things, will make you more independent, save you money instead of paying someone else big money to manage that side, allow you to mange several small business if you do some photos, some orchids, some of this, some of that, save your a$$ from the IRS. Marketing courses as well would be helpful. I don't imagine there is a huge orchid market out there for high end ones, so you need to be able to make yourself standout and marketing helps you with that. If you go the photo side, everyone and their brother has a DSLR camera now and will undercut real photographers rates, so again, business and marketing will help you understand how to make yourself stand out there as well.

Part of the choice, if your plans are to make a business for yourself work based on your hobbies and what you already know what to do, then don't worry about a degree in it. If you don't know if you want to go the self-business route or don't think you can stick it out, then get a degree in the field you feel like you will fall back on. 4 years of school in a horticulture program telling you how to grow flowers would be better suited, as would the money, spending 4 years setting yourself up if you already know how to grow them, but being a self-business requires a commitment to it, self-discipline, etc. It's easy to say, I don't want to work today when you have no boss to call in to, or I'm closing early, it's dead today.

If you truly want to run your own greenhouse with a photo business on the side, or even working the photo side into the plants of nice macro photos, etc, then maybe a business course and pushing yourself and putting the extra money aside, can make your dream come true.

If you rather work after college and play it safe and then try and setup your business while working, then go for something in the fields you like. Just be warned, it's even harder to work a full day at a job, then go run your own business afterwards. You become comfortable with getting paid from the job and the self-business will suffer.

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