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Let me specify even further...

For my birthday last year i got a 40 gallon with a cheapo flourescent bulb lighting fixture, whenever i try to change the bulb to something higher, like daylight bulbs, the fixture that i have doesn't run them at a constant, instead it rappidly flashes, so i thought... Why not get a better light fixture for my tank? So now im looking at all these lights that hold 2 bulbs (I want to do a full spectrum and one specifically to optimize plant growth) and they are upwards of 150, even all the way to 250 dollars! now i realize that i need help, so i came here. I have always had the cheap lighting fixtures that you get with a tank, so im REALLY new to the lighting world, if my question didn't make sense i appologize, i just want a good light that can hold preferably 2 bulbs and is 30 inches long, and is also below 100$.

I would try and get a new one of the same model as the one i have that can run just a daylight but i feel like in the long run i will get a new fixture, so why not save myself some time and get a new fixture right now.

Now we're here...

Also i have no clue as to wether or not LED's are a good option or not.

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