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St. Louis Area

So, I was in the St. Louis area visiting my wife's family and I was in Lake St. Louis at a pet store there called PetLand. I think it's a chain store but I've never seen one anywhere else. Anyways, this was hands down the nicest pet store I've been to for fish. Especially if you're into the planted tanks. Every tank had awesome plants and healthy fish in it. All the tanks were in pristine condition. The guy that was working there was actually the one that grows all of the plants for that store. I got hooked up with some awesome plants for my tank.
They have a saltwater section as well. In fact, when you walk back to the fish section there is a 3 foot shark in a tank in the middle of the aisle.

As far as fish selection goes, they had a lot of smaller schooling fish like tetras and barbs and danios and such and some of your other more ordinary fish. They also had a large selection of cichlids. Don't know much about their saltwater selection as I'm a freshwater person.

I was just really excited about this store when I found it. I'm definitely going back there anytime I'm in the area.

If you're looking for the more exotic fish and larger stuff then I would recommend Malawi aquatics in North County just off 270 on W Florissant but if you're into planted tanks and tetras I would recommend Petland in Lake St. Louis just off of I-64/40 near I-70.
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