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Keep your grades up and concentrate on academics. Don't put athletics ahead of academics. You can play volleyball all you want, but it won't pay your bills.
Men's -anything but football and basketball- will be the first sports to be cut if the athletics budget comes up short or Title IX balance needs adjusting.

Try to narrow your range of colleges as each application will cost something.
Don't put a huge amount of value on a one day visitations or orientation. All colleges and universities put on their best show for visiting families. You can not get to know a town or institution in a day or weekend.

If you get on the National Merit Scholar list, colleges will be seeking you. Some will seem silly and weird. Don't automatically turn them down until you've actually checked them out. Some will offer a free ride. School, unless you are seeking a specific "name" on your diploma for professional reasons - is what you make of it. The quality of the teaching professors is more important than the name on the paperwork. Don't let the number of faculty to students influence you. Every research institution has a substantial number of research professors who don't teach. So their reputation means little to your education.

Just like the military, Make sure any offers you seriously consider, are in writing.

Some schools in areas adversely affected by hurricanes (in the last five years) are still trying to build their classes back to where they were. Tulane made both my college age kids, very interesting offers.

Now is also the time for your parents, if they are planning to help you in any way financially, to look at the structure of their finances. Making some changes while you are a junior may help your shot at financial aid.

Visit for more information on financial issues. Have your parents look at the forms. Keeping in mind that reporting requirements change. One recent change vastly altered the reporting for some retirement investments. is offline  
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