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24" to 48" t5ho retrofit can I do it.

I have an old reef fixture with 4x24" t5ho and a 150w mh and 12 led moonlights I paid 100 bucks for it a couple years ago but I really have no use for it(especially all the actinics)now

I have a 72g tank with a dual t8 shoplight fixture over it. I need more light the t8's are not cutting it.

I have no money to put into this project
But I do have some 48" t5ho bulbs

Can I use the parts out of this fixture to make a dual t5ho 48" light.

This will just be a temp light until I can afford a ray II, I don't want to put any money into this project. I have all the nessecary tools soldering iron, but connectors and a spool of 16g wire.

I'm assuming there's 4 ballast? For the t5's? Would I have to connect 2 to run a 48"?

I have no clue how this stuff works lol
Any help would be great
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