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Moss and I are home

Rather than potentially deal with Airport security and to free up luggage space i just shipped the moss home. It arrived Monday. I'll add pics later.

I have rather a lot. If you want some you can PM me about picking up at my house in the Bronx or at my work in Williamsburg. Maybe some kind soul with a car will pick up for a bunch of people, but I leave that up to you. These are absolutely free, first come first served.

If you want them shipped now is the time to PM me with info. Flat rate small box shipping is $5.35.

Full disclaimer! I am not an experienced shipper of anything. I plan to send these in plastic bags with some humidity, maybe wrapped in damp newspaper. In Austin these do survive some freezing nights, so I'm not too worried about them dying, but then I'm not too sure of the best way to keep these anyway. So no guarantees.


Random assortment

All of them...

Small one on branch

Same one after being dipped in water

They go bright green!

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