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FS: Rimless tank bundle Local pick up only


Deals added!!! Some yamaya stone and some Christmas moss if you PM me to buy the bundle before Saturday!! Both tank does have ADA AS that is less than a month!!!!

Hi TPT New York. First of all, thank you for those that bought off my equipment and inverts. This will be me first 2013 sales I guess. LOL Got some upgrade some need these to be in a new person's home!


I have a topless Fluval Edge 5.5g.
You will get
5.5g tank
Finnex 360 filter (w/media)
Finnex energy saver light (26 watt I think)

Cost of this bundle is $80

I have a fluval EBI
You will get
8.9g Fluval EBI, with original glass cover.
Finnex 360 filter(w/media)
Finnex energy saver light (26 watt I think)

Cost of this bundle is $100

They are available to be picked up after this Saturday only.
I have 2 options
1. You can have my current cycled filter media, my tank water, and the USED ADA AS in there. I will bag the tank water. (AS might smell with out water) and you will have to do all the cleaning. (Not much, just some diatom around the glass)

2. You can have a clean set of tank, filter media, filter with box.

Both options are available on both tanks. But OPTION 1 will only be available a week after Saturday. I will need to clean off my tank so I can start my next. If no one is interested in the cycled media, then I will use it myself.

SO it is your choice. Picture can be found in my signature under My tank.

Thank you very much for your interest!!!

Happy 2013!!!

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!

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