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Unless you're getting a scholarship I wouldn't be dead set on them having an NCAA men's volleyball team. You can still play club and/or intramural volleyball at most colleges. I only say this because you aren't going to make a living playing volleyball in 6 years. You're most likely going to make a living doing whatever you went to school for.

I would put academics first and focus on the top schools for biology, botany, etc. Once you pick a school for your major look into minors for the arts or languages you desire. Spanish and Chinese are very good languages to know these days for business purposes.

Personally, I chose chemical engineering when I went to school because it gave me wide range of options once I graduated and it paid well. I did not want to do a major which had a very niche area or small job market. A major like biology can be used in a lot of areas and you could then get a masters/phd in a more specialized area if you so desire.
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