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No mo OEBTs sorry!

1. I still have a total of about 65+ CRS/CBS of all sizes, maybe about 60% SS and 40% S. There are a few of adult CBS in the bunch that I can see, the rest is CRS.
About half of these are adults/young adults.

You can have a lot of mosses + some food as well. Any taker at $200 for all?

2. I'm also looking to break down this tank. Obviously all the shrimps have to go before I can let the below go. Items in the tank include:
-20 Gallon long including a standard 30" light hood ($30)
-Used Fluval Shrimp Stratum (the 8lb bag I think. $8)
-A small piece of driftwood ($3)
-Zoo Med Aquatic Power Sweep Powerhead Wavemaker ($10) (this comes with a sponge so it's like a sponge filter with powerhead)
-A sponge filter
-A 2 output air pump

All for $50.

I also have a huge sword/apon looking plant that's 12" tall and 10" wide, maybe. Free with the purchase of shrimp or the tank package. First wants first takes.

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