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College help? Need ideas! *Calling all plant-heads*

Hi everyone! So before I get started, I would like to say thanks to everyone here for everything you guys have taught me and will continue to teach me! I have learned so much from you guys!

On to my question. Basically, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about college, good majors, career choices, etc.

Here is some background info!

-I am a junior in highschool, so I have a little bit of time to think, but i need to start thinking!

-Next semester I will doing dual enrollment with my highschool and with a local college (Messiah College, possibly HACC (community college) as a second choice).

-When I graduate highschool and go to college, I really want to play Volleyball. So whatever school I go to would need to have an NCAA mens volleyball team.

-I love orchids (DUH)

-I love most all plants, but orchids and phals are obviously my favorites.

-My dream is to be able to make a living breeding phals and open a nursery down the road. Something else such as working at somewehre like Longwood gardens managing a collection would also be really cool. Possibly even teacher Hort or something a college. I don't know exactly, but something along those lines where I can incorporate my love of plants. And if its a career or not, I will indefinitely breed phals, but making it a career would be even better.

-I am a photographer. I have been for a while, I currently do portraits, weddings, etc. I sometimes even work with a marketing company doing headshots for their campaigns and event photography occasionally for them as well. I would like to pursue photography as a second job on the side, or somehow incorporate it.

-I really like working with people!!

-I am very artistic

-I work with my mom and we do floral things for weddings such, so I enjoy floristry and I have a decent amount of knowledge/skill.

-I really enjoy languages. I am currently taking french.

*note I am cyber schooled, so alot of the hands on classes will definitely not be offered by them, making those classes great ideas for taking at Messiah!*

**note-2 I would like to take as many classes I can at Messiah as opposed to at the school**

Classes I'm taking now are
-Honors English
-French 1
-American Government

The way it works is if there are classes at Messiah that I would want to take and they are classes that my school doesn't offer, the school will pay for me to take them at Messiah or HACC. I can transfer now for the second semester; so if for instance, I wanted to take Hort at Messiah I could drop physics and take Hort at messiah in the spring semester.

So the given some background info, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some insight. I know alot of you have careers similar to what I would like to pursue (Ehum, Peter, *cough*).

So any advice you have I would love. Things like courses you wish you had taken and would find useful now, courses that you took that you would recommend. Possible careers/majors you'd recommend. Any classes you know of that I would take while I'm dual enrolled that would help with the Ornamental Hort/Floriculture degrees?

To those of you who read this whole thing, thanks for reading, and anything you have to say, I would LOVE to hear!!!

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