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Substrate is in. I might have gone overboard with the Seachem Fluorite. If my weighing scale is correct, it is 23kg. . Less than 1" at the front, slopes to 5" at the middle of the tank. I planned to get about 3" but I don't know what to do with those extra Fluorite.

I also have no idea on the aquascaping. For now, the slope stays this way. I'll have an anubias on driftwood at the middle of the slope. On the plateau I'll have stem plants and ferns, possibly some emersed plants as well.

Symmetry are frowned upon in all genre of aquascaping. With the substrate sloped this way, I can't think of a way to decently scape it in a non symmetrical manner. I think this is a "rule" that I am going to break. Any advice would be appreciated.
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