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Shrimp Lighting Schedule???

So I searched the threads and didnt come up with anything based on the lighting schedule best for shrimp. Im sure its been discussed here before. Now everyone has their own opinion when it comes to anyhing in this hobby but im sure everyones ligting schedule is close to eachothers. But when I set my tank up a year ago it was based on a planted tank and after doing some research I decided to do 8 hours of light a day with a 4 hour break in the middle. (Light turns on at 10am -2pm, off at 2pm-6pm, them on at 6pm-10pm) I read the break in the middle helps algea outbreaks. So my timer has been programed that way since i setup the tank. So my question is, how much do you think the lighting schedule effects the shrimp? Because we say the females only mate at night when they molt in darkness. But if im doing 4 hours of darkness in the middle of the day, could the females try to mate in that 4 hours. Now that i think of it, that might be a little stressful on any females trying to get a full night of molting in if i throw in a "nap". Or is this one of those questions unknown sofar in this hobby.
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