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54G Planted Tank Project (With Pictures)

Hi All!

My wife's brother recently bought his first fish tank. He filled it with gravel, 1 plastic plant, and 1 goldfish. After seeing his tank, I realized how beautiful fish are and decided to get one of my own.

I started doing research on fish tanks and I saw a ton of planted aquascapes that were absolutely brilliant. I decided to go with a fully-loaded setup instead of using 1 fake plant and 1 fish.

Most Recent Snapshot (1/12/2013):

Here's a list of what I've gotten so far:
-54 Gallon Bow-Front Corner Tank + Cabinet Stand
-Wet-Dry Sump
-150W Heater
-Pressurized CO2 System
-Potting Soil Topped with Eco Complete Substrate
-Small Air Stones
-TONS OF ROCKS (few of which I actually used -- I'm interested in Iwagumi
style tanks)
-2x24W T5HO Lighting Strip

I plan on stocking my tank with the following plants:
- Dwarf Hairgrass
- Java Moss
- Micro Swords
- Jungle Vals

Fish stock still undecided.

I'm at work right now so I can't post a picture at this very moment but I hope to get some pictures rolling by tomorrow! I'm expecting my order of plants to arrive on Friday so I look forward to getting all of that together as well

Please help me get my tank up and running This is my first and I'm sure to make mistakes along the way! I'm counting on you guys to help me out here!

Edit: Oh and also... *jaw crashes through basement*

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