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Originally Posted by Icegoalie32 View Post
I also have a 29 low tech, I'm sure you'll enjoy the adventure as much as I have.

I don't know for sure what that plant is on the coconut husks, but it looks like a terrestrial plant, not a submerged aquarium plant. Where did you pick it up?

As has already been mentioned, don't worry about the white stuff on the driftwood. It will go away.
The DW has already lost it's white hue, so I'm happy about that. Yesterday I tested the water and all looked good, so I added a Betta to continue the cycling. When I picked up the Betta Petco I tried to find out what kind of plant it is that's attached to the coconut husk, but the sign only says "plant on a coconut husk," haha. My buddy who works there didn't know either and he's pretty knowledgeable, so I'll have to keep digging around.

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
I think it looks pretty nice. Much better than my 29g. I would think you'd need alot more light though. I've got 2 t8's on mine and very little grows. Once I'm done with my shrimp tank I'm going to redo my 29g with the outcast Angelfish
Thanks! What kind of plants do you currently have in that 29? It definitely needs more light, but if I add more light I'm worried the plants are going to grow too much and I really don't want to have to trim them very often or do much maintenance. Was looking at maybe going LED if my plants don't grow at all. I have a couple fixtures in mind, but curious what you and anyone else who wants to offer their opinion think would be a good solution considering my direction.
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