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Question I have no idea what to do about this

So I came home to my parents' house to find that my mom had gotten 6 zebra danios and tried to shove them into a 2 gallon tank. Needless to say they were not healthy and not happy. There are now only 3 left and my mom has completely washed her hands of them, saying they were too complicated to take care of and that I was "being mean to her" by insisting she get a bigger tank and some real plants. So now they're mine. The problem is that when I go back up to school in a few days I still can't get a bigger tank because my apartment complex has a 4 gallon limit and I already have a betta. I don't have a LFS I can take them to and even if I did I doubt they would take these poor fish, as there was an ich outbreak a couple weeks ago and one of them has a spinal deformity. Should I just try and make the best of the 2 gallon?
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