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Effect of Cutting DIY CO2 off temporarily

There will be some 2-3 week spans this year where I won't be able to maintain the DIY generation system I'm using and C02 production will probably dwindle down to negligible levels.

Plants involved:
Narrow Leaf Ludwigia
Cryptocoryne parva
Java Moss
Dwarf Sagittaria

Should I expect a huge plant dieback when the CO2 level drops? Would lowering temps and cutting off the light (slowing metabolic rates) help reduce the amount of melting? Is this just one of those things I'm going to have to see what happens?

Other stuff that may be important:
I have no idea how much Carbon Dioxide is going into the tank, since I'm not using a drop checker or bubble counter. There is a noticeable fizz coming out of the sintered glass Fluval diffuser and swirling around the tank thanks to a nano powerhead- plants are happy, fish are happy, snails are happy. If it works, I don't stress out too much on specifics. Due to the rocks and other substrate I have in the tank buffering the Carbonic acid/Carbonate, I'm not too worried about pH swings, but I am worried about a big phosphate or amino acid pulse in the water if the plants all croak at once.

It's currently serving as a quarantine tank for some Otocinclus, which I can move out if there's going to be a big dieback while I'm away.

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