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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
so i read on here its good stuff for scrimpers

calcine montmorillonite clay is 87% the makeup of SafeTSorb..
am i missing something here? its like 6 bux for a 50lb bag

i don't see a lot of people using it except for cheap substrate alternatives?

or is it the other 10-13 & crystallized silicates we are avoiding?
Hi HD Blazingwolf,

Shrimp nutrient:
"Calcium Montmorillonite Clay" = is a clay that is rich in calcium

whereas Safe-t-sorb is:
"Montmorillonite Clay, Calcined" which is clay that has been heat treated (Calcined) which expands the pores and increases the ability of the clay to absorb.

I think the confusion is in the two words; Calcium (a mineral) looks very similar to Calcined (heat treatment); but their meanings are not the same.

45 Gallon Tall; 96 Watt AH Supply CF; 6700K; & 30 Gallon Long; 2X36 Watt AH Supply CF; Press. CO2; UGF; Heat Treated Montmorillonite Clay
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