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Okay so it seems as my fish has Discus Plague. after watch my fish and reading articles. symptoms have been identified. So they say taking them out of the infected tank and dipping them into a clen tank mixed with a solution of potassium permanganate and gentamicin powder, or use Malachite green instead of the gentamicin powder. then to dip them in there depending on size to how long to dip them for. then continue and put them into a clean tank with high temp and a air stone, and lowering ph. I also about 2 weeks prior cleaned my filter out but i did not take all of my filter media out. and my subtrate was disturbed quite a bit while cleaning.
3 of 4 are sick the 4th fish is a new addition to the tank which is doing fine and eating. I have been able to get the other 3 to eat here and there. but its getting to a point were i need to do something because i cant see my fish like that. my co2 tank is empty so a trip to air gas is in the morning.

on that note i was wondering what u guys think of the method or have alternative methods. and this poses my question how to clean a infected tank?

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