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I went hunting for a suitable lighting. After looking at a few pretty typical light strips in LFS, I decided that the look isn't quite what I was looking for.

Since I made the decision to go for fresh water planted tank. I thought it is a good time to empty my store room of salt water equipments that are no longer needed. Also I could use them to fund the this tank. While digging out stuffs from in store room I found this.

I was somewhat amused as I had no idea what it was. It looks like my handiwork, but I have no recollection of ever using it. May be it's a sign of age. It might be what I made for the refugium of my reef tank, but it probably never saw action. I am lazy and on a budget so I decided to use it.

I slapped it on a wooden plank.

The plank was unnecessarily large. I bought it for a somewhat different purpose, which is to make the tank lighting when I planned to set up the tank as a reef. I use it anyway so I didn't have to buy another one. I am lazy, and cheap. And of course I also didn't bother to trim it. The distance between the bulbs isn't optimal either, but I can't figure out how to dismantle it, despite I am the one the built it. And also I find the prospect of having to pay a visit to a hardware store to get more wires unappealing.

I also slapped together a light stand. The materials was bought for somewhat another purpose too. It was meant to hang a 150W MH when I planned the tank as an anemone tank more than 2 years ago, which never got built. After some measurement/calculation error and finding out I didn't have enough fittings to build the original design. I ended up with this, because as mentioned, I find the prospect of having to pay a visit to a hardware store unappealing.

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