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Navyblue's 22G Custom Rimless

This is my fist attempt at planted tank.

About 2 years ago I custom made a 2'x1.5'x1' shallow rimless tank, with the intention of housing a pair of clownfish and anemones.

However the project was soon neglected after it had started. This is as far as it went.

Anemones, corals and even the lighting were never added. Fast forward to last few months, I have mostly finished filling up my main reef tank which fell into a similar state of neglect. I moved the fishes to the big tank and the tank is left pretty much empty for a while.

The tank was plumbed to the sump of my main tank to share a common filtration system. I wasn't entirely happy with the way it was plumbed. It wasn't loud, but it wasn't dead silent either. I decided to rectify the plumbing or to remove it altogether. I decided with the later.

However, what should I do with the tank after it was disconnected? The easiest thing to do is to turn it into another reef tank, as I already own most if not all the necessary equipments. But now that it is disconnected from my main tank, all options are suddenly on the table. But the two options that stood out the most are a low maintenance soft coral tank versus a low maintenance low tech planted tank.

It took me a while to make the decision but I decided against a reef tank. Having a simpler and smaller reef sitting right next to a larger and more elaborate reef would just make it look lame. With a planted tank, it would at least be something different and provide a nice contrast to the reef tank.
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