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Hm, I didn't know Fulham sold bulbs also.

Found a spec sheet, here it is. Look at page 4 for the spectrums. Nothing to write home about as it seems:

Here it is cut out from the pdf:

The 830 has a lot of reds (and barely present blues) but the reds are in some funky range - 600 nm or so instead of the 640-670 that is good for photosynthesis.

The 865 has blues and reds but in equal amounts. From what I learned posting above the blues need to be more (like 100 units) then the reds (like 50 units). In this bulb both of them are equal and both are barely above 50 units.

It looks like both Fulham bulbs are made more for balanced color to please the human eye - because of the green spike in the middle.

And of course - none of this means they are not good for plants. If we used incandescents with great success back in the day what we are talking about here is not exactly the difference between night and day.
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