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you showed me yours so i guess ill show you mine...
both of these are tanks that i purposely set up with algae. im weird like that.

shrimp and fry tank

bumblebee gobie tank

i think your tank is awesome... but i can understand your frustration with algae. there are several things you can do. first off, lower your lighting or reduce the photoperiod. this will help slow its growth. second, cater to the well being of the plants when it comes to ferts. as long as they have what limits them most, they will use up what limits algae most(phosphorus, iron, molybdenum, etc).

algae eaters alone probably wont be able to eliminate your algae, but adding them can go a long way towards preventing it from taking over again.
Flourish Excel and algaecides (like API AlgaeFix) can also work, but they can kill inverts. Excel can kill everything if dosed too high. if you choose to use them, i would advise removing the animals you want to keep and then dosing it. with that much algae, if you kill it all off at once it will spike your ammonia through the roof. it will work, but the immediate result is not good for your fish or inverts. after the algae dies, you should be able to do some water changes and add them back in once its safe.
a total black out kills the algae slow enough to be safer for your critters, but it will come right back unless you address the underlying issues. it will also probably kill your plants.

as kathyy said, it will probably be much quicker and easier to completely tear it down.

personally, i like to try methods that take longer. i like the satisfaction of knowing i beat it, plus they usually last longer...

i culture algae due to an obscure fascination with the idea of "turning lemons into lemonade", so to speak. in doing so, i have wiped out whole tanks of algae trying to get it to do what i wanted... sometimes i get the impression that the best way to kill algae is to try to culture it.
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