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changed the filter again, and moved the little "trees" from the big planted tank to this one. the algae is really starting to look pretty. the tank overall is looking better and better. it hasn't had any CO2 injection, just decent flow. the powerhead in the video doesn't run, its actually there because the driftwood STILL wont sink. it has just enough air in it to cause it to slowly float. so, i'm just pinning the driftwood down until it will stay put. it shouldn't take much longer.

there are three different kinds of fish in here, H. formosa, Lucania goodie, and Lucania parva. they are all fry i rescued from another tank, except for one female H. formosa, which i added because it was a surprise i found in the other tank. i thought they had all died when i moved from north carolina to california(i only had a few to begin with). in the last few weeks it has produced a nice little colony.

the fry are growing unbelievably fast in this tank. i think it is because of the little critters that are living in the algae. some of the algae has blackworms in it, which i couldnt disentangle from the "truffula trees". the surprising thing is that they are actually reproducing quite fast in there. i see new small worms fall out of it every time i shake them around a bit.

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