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Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
Ok cuz these oranges almost look like rili shrimp ish? Colored in some parts and clear on others. But I am hoping its just maturity. They don't act differently in my tank much. They forage a lot but don't even touch the food I bought. Strange but they are all eating and all alive. Digging out the crud on my sponge filter like its caviar, which I guess is good for me. though the expensive shrimp food kinda sits...
Hmm remember I told you my shirakura just sits there as no one ever eats them. yeah shrimp aren't very considerate of how much you spend. Annoying really lol.

If you're talking about shrimp that are about ----- long then yeah they'll solidify as they grow up. If not, you have rili colored which do exist. And they are also more expensive than regular oranges
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