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Originally Posted by nikom8992 View Post

theyll be in 30 cnt strings
10/20 cw/dr (m2) ch3
10/20 cw/rb (m1) ch2
15/15 tv/hv (n) ch4
60 cw (d) ch1
these are the settings i want for like the sunrise/sunset each one timed to over lap each other to give a 100% day/night cycle. with each stage having a different gradual color spectrum to night.
but thats why i want to get a lot of input so i can get the right things at the right time and build one dream of a light. these are my new colors counts after looking at the calculator and a few dif pages and help from others but i still feel its going to be off a little. any input would be appreciated. feel free to recommend anything.

10x R
15x B
10x T, G, Y?
30x W (CW, WW, NW)
10x TV
10x HV

or less or more? i feel like i have to many colors but i want a glow in the dark look at night. but i dont know how many TV/HV to get.
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