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Low Tech 29G - Few Questions

I'm pretty new to planted tanks. This is my second planted tank, but only the first one where I did a lot of research, preplanned the layout and really put in a lot of effort.

So far I think it turned out pretty well and I'm on my second day of cycle. One thing I noticed is that one of the pieces of drift wood turned white. The other piece looks fine. Here's a pic of the tank. As you can see, the piece on the left is fine and the one on the right has a white tinge. It was not like this the first day I put it in. Any ideas on what's wrong with it?

17W Flora Sun bulb
200W heater (temp set at 78*, but I think it needs to be replaced because the temp is currently reading 84)
Penguin 200 Bio Wheel Filter
Eco Complete substrate
Tap water with added dechlorinating water conditioner
Java Fern (in the front)
Anubias (in the back right)
Banana plant (attached to the left drift wood)
Moss (not sure exactly which kind - attached to the white colored drift wood on the right)
and I can't remember the name of the last plant attached to the coconut husk behind the zebra rock

Let me know if you need any other details to help diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

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