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Thanks for the comments guys.

Been away from the site for a while.

Bought a Fugeray to experiment with but didn't have such good results. Lots of my plants started melting. Returned it and went back to my LED desk lamp.

So, the snowball shrimps been berried a few times but never saw any of the kids that is until a few days ago. However, they don't look like snowballs. The blue velvets must have impregnated the snowball mommy.

Here's a pic of the snowball and blue velvet hybrid. Looks like a carbon rilli? One can dream.

Too bad the shrimp is taking a dump in the pic.

I actually read somewhere that these two shrimps are unlikely to mate. Well, I saw the blue velvet rape the snowball. It just locked onto her back and didn't let go no matter how hard the snowball mommy tried to kick him off. Didn't matter that the snowball is about 3 times the blue velvet's size.

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