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I'm baaaaack!
Things are actually looking pretty good, even though I had to move every tank in my apartment yesterday. I came back to a berried mamma shrimp in the bowl, yay! Since she was a fairly nice rili, I moved her back to my shrimp tank, and replaced her with a very odd pair of "red" rilis. (Red rilis became blue rilis?) The bowl seems to be doing well, the BGA was remarkably more controlled than I thought it would be. Tried to get rid of more of it, and added a spare dwarf lilly and a couple pieces of dwarf sag. Looks ok, but the water is still murky. I'll either leave the bowl alone and let the nice growth I'm seeing continue...or do very frequent water changes to clean it up a bit.

Land wise, I got things sorted out from moving the tank, where it is, it's now visible from 3 sides. Noticed that a couple of my tillies are having pups, yay! At least I haven't killed them! Woo! The thyme and the hen and chicks miiiight not make it though, they're looking pretty rough right now

And ignore the green stone, I didn't know where else to put it while I was moving furniture.

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