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Are these real?
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The other day I went to my LFS and saw that 10 gallon tank with hood, for $19.95 :shock: and could not resist. Adding the substrate ("Black beauty sand, more like black glass) was another $6, and buying dinner for the family because they let me buy it was another $40 :roll:

So anyway, set it up, planted it, waited for heater and filter to arrive. Started with a Gambusia (mosquito fish), after a few days added one white cloud, a few days later the green and brown algae covered everything, and I got two Otos which now have cleaned it up quite a bit. Finally bought a Ram which will go into the big tank in a few days.

The plants are tenellus in the bg, javamoss (thanks kutothe!), and (not visible yet) glosso in the foreground. The hygrophila monster will go as soon the tank has stabilized a little more, so will the myriophyllum. Not sure yet about the Wisteria.

I would like to get Nannostomus marginatus for this tank, once it has grown a little more in.

Specs: 2 10W pc 6400K with excellent (mirror) reflectors, AC mini full of foam with foam on outlet to reduce surface agitation. Black stuff over kitty litter. And a 2 liter bottle with DIY CO2 bubbling into the inlet of the mini.
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