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The plastic wrap came off the top yesterday, and the ozelot green sword is doing better, standing more upright.

Planted now are:

echinodorus 'ozelot green'
pogostemon broad leaf
dwarf red lily

The rocks are from my garden, cleaned and sterilized in boiling water. I'm not sure the red lily works as it's a bit dark against the dark substrate, and I'm thinking of moving the broadleaf pogostemon to my nano tank.

Not sure about the water level either... it seems like it needs to go up and be just above the soil level. I'm thinking of lower the water level and giving emersed plants a try first.

Chyrol is sending an emersed plant pack for me to try... which should be here by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to giving them a go!

my little eden
7g nano, a work in progress

cherry shrimp vase

3g semi-emersed bowl

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