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Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
Just realized there is no mention of a regulator in the 1st post. Now uncertain if I need 1. Do I?
Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
I don't see how it can be done for under $80. No regulator? Regulators are expensive. Logically seems for safety should have a regulator. What do you think?
Ideally, yes, you should have a regulator. The regulator is what brings the pressure of the carbon dioxide from 800 PSI down to reasonable levels (30 PSI or less). Without it, you are just playing with fire (figuratively speaking).

Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
For size tank is this for? Would it fit a 20 or 24 oz paintball tank?
The Aquatek regulators are for regular sized (5 pound and up) CO2 cylinders with CGA320 fittings.


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