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okay, i made a new CO2 mix (didn't use the whole yeast packet, i used 1/4 tsp and WAITED overnight ... boring) it's WAY slower and i'm trying it again.. i have air going into the tank too... (my bubble counter is not working or my tank is always perfect - yea, right)
i ended up loosing 4 (YES FOUR) shrimp including 2 berried
-- yea, i know their cherries they have a ton of babies .. but I killed them and I feel bad!
wish me luck... I am SOOOO stressed it's not funny...
If i bit the bullet and get a 'disposable' CO2 system can i set it at a REALLY low count (like 1 bubble every 5 seconds?) .. which one is reliable.. I feel SOO bad... the tank is ON my dining room table (it's where we do everything, eat, school, hang out .. think kitchen - i'm just not a formal person) so a 5 lb tank is out of the question (as is the filter is on a chair and the air pump under it)
if i was handy i'd make a rustic looking stand for next to the table and have a place to hide stuff.. i'm not.. -- i own some screw drivers, and a drill that's it... (but i CAN assemble any piece of junk furniture you can find!)
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