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First off your Cardinals are Sulawesi shrimps which need very high PH of 8-8.2 and temp of 80F to survive ( I raised them for over a year, so have experience with Sulawesi shrimps) Your Crystals/Bees will not survive in that high PH.

I inadvertantly popped a Yellow Neo in my Cardinal tank along with some moss. It was just a baby shrimp but the Cardinals found it very interesting and started to come out more once they saw the baby eating algae wafer bits.

Neon Yellows are not hard to keep at all, they are the same as PFR/RCS/Greens so don't require anything special. They are able to handle the higher PH and Temp that the Sulawesi require....I added more of them to the Cardinal tank for company. They lived in it for over a year before I broke the tank down and sold off the Cardinal shrimps.

The color looks great with the red spotted colors of the Cardinals next to one another.

PS: If that is the tank you are going to use for the Cardinals, where are you going to put a heater in there....they will need one! Also they require crushed coral for substrate and lava rocks etc, you have a planted tank which is definitely total opposite to their requirements.

Best to stick to Crystals/Neos if your going to use this tank. JMO
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