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No its not a blonde OEBT...blondes are not white at all but a very pale blue that can't really be seen without some fancy lighting/camera skills.

That shrimp is WHITE no doubt about that! If its not a bacterial infection and I would move them to a separate area just in case, then I would do ask suggested and put one or two regular TT females in with these 2 white males and see what comes out of the next generation. What do you have to lose? If they die, then you know it was bacterial, if they reproduce and you get white again with orange eyes then you have something wonderful happening.

Isn't that what this hobby is all about! After all that's what Micha Nadal is doing with his hybrid shrimps and the World is watching his creations....go for it.

If you don't want to try, sell them to me and I will do it.
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