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Thanks Yukon!

Mjab, yeah NO3 was 0 but my total ammonia was .01. I'm using a hach computer for my testing, plan on running another test later today.

Did do a 1/2 gallon water change today, and fed the juli 1 shrimp pellet. She ate it up after a few minutes. Ill up her feed. Tomorrow if she takes the first pellet quickly. Being so small of a tank I don't want to over feed.

And I did look at the zoo med 501 filter, didn't realize it was for turtle tanks that's probably why I didn't think about it. I have a friend who has one he's not using so I may switch it out with the I3, unfortunately I'm receiving my saltwater fish order tomorrow so I won't have time...23 boxes from Bali is going to keep me pretty busy.

Ill post an update as soon as I can!
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