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Originally Posted by wiigelec View Post

It's not really the look I am going for...
Not surprised! Guess using 4x the sensible amount of light and not enough plants gets you something entirely different than what you were looking for. I haven't seen that type of algae since I started using CO2, perhaps the tank is low on carbon as well.

If you are interested in working it out you could try to get rid of it by dropping the light intensity a great deal, using more CO2 and adding some herbivores to the tank. I suspect SAE, barbs or livebearers would be a better choice than otos and snails. Disable one of the bulbs and raise the fixture up maybe 6-8" or disable the bulb and lay window screen between tank and bulb. Go ahead and scrape and remove algae from the glass and hardscape though.

Be faster to take the tank apart, remove the algae and set the tank back up with salvaged plants plus a whole lot more of them, a more moderate amount of light, more CO2 and some algae eaters as soon as the tank is ready for them.

A 10 gallon tank would only take a couple hours to clean up and set back up but it is quite satisfying to tweak things and bring them back to life.
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