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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
Co2 concnetrations are higher in air. Much higher.

The problem is water resists the uptake of co2 becuase of surface tension. And whats knwon to the science and hobby community as partial pressure.
Not true on these points. The level of co2 in the air will reach an equilibrium through time. Partial pressure is only .80 or around 80% meaning if the air reads 100ppmv, the water will read 80ppmv; not Much higher

There isn't a Ton of co2 in the air as you mentioned. There is only 300-400 ppmv of co2 in fresh air. It'll jump to 1500-2000 ppmv with people in the room. We all know that it takes 30 ppmw -60 ppmw of co2 in the water for good plant growth in a high light environment. That's 10,000 - 20,000 ppmv of co2 if it was in the air. Yeah, that could kill us. Good thing fishes are used to it in the water.

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