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it does make sense...but its past the amount of time for us to take them back...the stores here have certain amount of days and we have passed what do i need to do to fix it and still keep them? cause we have a tank in my room and that is the same size as hers and the fish in mine are thriving...but then i have neons and guppies in i am trying to help her because right now funds are low and am hoping to help her to get us through til we get some more money coming in...

is there any way i can help her so she can keep these fish she really wants them and she wants some help so i am here trying to help her. She picked these out herself so i am hoping to help her keep the fish...growing up i have always had guppies or neons, tetras and angelfish so i have been around fish some but not alot in the last 15 years.
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