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Now this is really gonna stink... But I want you to read it with an open mind.

Everybody here will tell you exactly what I'm going to say.

So none of the fish you've selected are appropriate for that tank.. You really need to net them and take them back to the fish store. If you don't, fish that would normally live years will only live months in your care.

So for starters, read up on the nitrogen cycle. The best I can describe it for someone new is a three step process.

Fish poop and uneaten fish food turn into something called Ammonia. Ammonia is deadly for your fish, and it happens quick.

That bloom you see in your tank is a bacterial bloom associated with ammonia.

Ammonia in quantities is eaten by Something called Nitrite. This is also toxic.

Nitrite finally gets eaten by Nitrate.

Nitrate process the waste in your tank, and keeps your fauna alive.

It takes a while and the right tools to create this cycle, but when you do, man is it worth it!!!

Your tank currently has no Nitrates. It only has ammonia. Think if you were in a room, trapped while it was burning. Eventually your lungs would be charred and you wouldn't be able to breathe. Ammonia is fire in a fish tank.

You need to take the fish back, and we can then guide you through creating a proper cycle so they don't die.

When you are ready to do fish, we can talk about which fish are appropriate for tanks around 1-5 gallons. But unfortunately they aren't any of the ones you chose.

Your emeralds need a tank of about 10 gallons and your harlequins need a tank of about 20 gallons, and they need many other fish of their own kind to be happy.

Keeping fish is a committment, as they're real, rewarding pets.

You can't keep a greyhound in a cage all it's life, it needs to run. So you get it a back yard! Same situation with your fish friends.

Does all of this make sense?

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