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Unfortunately, I'm out of test strips. Will be picking up some tomorrow.

I believe what may have happened was that I've been disturbing the aquasoil trying to manually remove this new algae (a mix of brush algae on the rocks, and staghorn, I think, on the plants.) Especially in the dwarf hair grass, the algae has grown rampant over this week. I knew this might cause an ammonia spike, but I was also doing a good partial water change at the time and the shrimp were not showing signs of stress until later... but could explain the loss of the rasboras?

To make matters worse, I increased the co2 today as it is recommended for battling these algae types. When the fish and shrimp began to swim towards the top, I turned it down and added an airstone.

It was just prior to the fish going to the top that the big shrimp had gone kamikaze. Now I also just read that there can be co2 spikes during water changes. So, I'm guessing that is the issue with my ms. amano. She and the other shrimp seem to be ok now.

I will test the tap tomorrow as well to rule out any issues with that, but until then I have 5g of RO water that I can use for partial water changes.

Does anyone know if I need to add anything to the RO for the shrimp? (eg. calcium?)

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