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okay i have a VERY active yeast cycle going and trust me it would blow up anything. my air stone was not 100% when i started and the water bottle i was using as a bubble counter started making 'odd' noises when i checked it out it looked stretched out and ready to explode.. the air stone popped off in my hand when i touched it! (I took a nail to the inside of it and fixed it)

i just remade my mix (i "may" have been heavy handed with the yeast the 1st time) and so far by sticking to the 1/4 tsp yeast NOTHING.. it's been HOURS... boring... adding the whole yeast packet worked way better -- well except the dead shrimp part.

i also now have a air pump (oops) so i can counter act any overdoses ...

and apparently A LOT of the shrimp liked the CO2 soon as i started the air stone a BUNCH of juvies came over and hung out by the air... after a few hours they gave up and left (no fun just watching air i guess) ... apparently in my tank CO2 huffing is legal
sure they 'get busy' right out in the open while the others are all munching away at feeding time, they get stoned... somehow those wine bottles holding up my clamp on lights over the tank are very appropriate all of a sudden. ... hmm...
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