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Old T8 hood converted to 4xCFL

So I decided I wanted more light. I had a 2xT5NO and the original single T8. I was debating running both, when I decided that I might as well just make the leap.

I took my old T8 hood (it helps if you have a beautiful assistant)

I took everything apart (one of the fun parts)

I removed the existing reflector:

And hammed it out, then rebent it to fit the shape of the hood after the old ballast, starter, etc were removed (you can see the scraps of metal where I cut it as it was too long after reshaping):

I went to Lowes and bought 4 generic light fixtures (Servalite H#884413 $3 each), a bag of wire nuts ($2) and a pack of bolts($2)/nuts($1)/washers($2) that fit the mounting hole in the socket. I drilled 4 holes where I wanted the lights to be (spacing them out roughly even) and started wiring the socket in:

I kept all the wiring under the reflector, and after putting it back in the hood roughly to make sure it fit:

Then tightened everything down and installed my bulbs.

I ended up with 4x 14w @ 5000k, I may look around for some other bulb options but the research done seems to indicate the color rating on the CFL's isn't as important.

I took some before and after shots of the tank itself, but the lighting difference in the room and the dust leftover from the Flourite sand attributes to some of the color differences that you see in the picture.



Having caught the DIY bug, I believe I need a pressurized CO2 system next, and I might modify my light in the future to have a lunar light like I saw some people using.
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